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Accurate, and where necessary, kept up to date

Accurate, and where necessary, kept up to date; every reasonable step must be taken to ensure that personal data that are inaccurate, having regard to the purposes for which they are processed, are erased or rectified without delay (accuracy).

Schools/ETBS must:

Take reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the personal data they have obtained.

Consider whether it is necessary to update the information, especially if the data is time-sensitive (ie. likely to become inaccurate over time unless it is updated).

Verify that manual and computer procedures ensure high levels of data accuracy.

Assess how to keep personal data up-to-date.  Is this done on a periodic basis (e.g. once a year or on renewal of a contract)?

It is also in the schools/ETBs interest to ensure accurate data for reasons of efficiency and effective decision making.

To comply with this principle, schools/ETBs should ensure that:

Clerical and computer procedures are adequate, with appropriate cross-checking to ensure high levels of data accuracy.

The general requirement to keep personal data up-to-date has been fully examined.

Appropriate procedures are in place, including periodic review and audit, to ensure that each data item is kept-up-to-date.

Note: The accuracy requirement does not apply to back-up data, that is, to data kept only for the specific and limited purposes of replacing other data in the event of their being lost, destroyed or damaged.